First call for proposals

In June 2013, CAPITA launched its first transnational call for project proposals in Applied Catalysis, entitled: ‘Innovative catalysis for the monetization of low value carbon’.

The call was aimed at stimulating European public–private collaborative research and encouraging national organisations to work together in key areas of catalysis-related science and technology. The theme of the call focused on the scientific and technical bases for innovative processes with reduced intensity in both energy and fossil carbon, all important requirements for tomorrow’s sustainable economy and was in accordance with the National Research Priorities of the participating countries and the Strategic Research Agenda of the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem). It was a requirement that projects should have significant industrial involvement.


The call was financed by 5 National Funding Agencies and Ministries, without co-funding from the European Union; in total, M€ 4 was available for funding transnational collaborative research projects. The ‘juste-retour’ principle was adopted for the transnational funding, i.e. each of the participating organisations would fund its own national or regional participants in the research projects, which would be positively evaluated. A centralised process for administering the call and evaluating the applications was developed and agreed by all participating organisations.


The call focused on chemical catalysis with clear potential for industrial application, in processes dealing with of the following topics:Light alkanes valorisation; CO2-utilization; Biomass efficient catalytic conversion into biofuels, platform molecules and fine chemicals; Sustainable chemical processes.

Using techniques such as: Thermal catalytic reactions; Electrocatalytic reactions; Photochemical reactions; Photoelectrochemical reactions.


Organisations participating in the first CAPITA Call for Proposals:

  • Greece, General Secretariat for Research & Technology (GRST);
  • The Netherlands, Netherlands organization for Scientific Research (NWO);
  • Spain, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO);
  • Italy, Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universita' e della Ricerca (MIUR)
  • Flanders, Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT)

Evaluation of Proposals and Granting Research Projects

By the end of the submission period, in early September 2013, CAPITA received eleven eligible proposals. Each of these proposals was evaluated by at least three external international experts in Applied Catalysis, before being reviewed in October by the CAPITA Call Steering Committee, a panel composed of academic and industrial research scientists and research programme managers delegated by all the CAPITA participating countries. The committee recommended projects for funding based on three criteria:

  • quality and novelty of the science, the technical and industrial potential,
  • and the expected impact of the project,
  • concerning the result commercialisation and the added value of the transnational cooperation.

The CAPITA Network Assembly, comprised of representatives of the funding agencies participating in CAPITA, finally arrived at a list of recommendations for funding based on the above criteria, the CAPITA Call Steering Committee suggestions and available national budgets, according to standard procedures established in alignment with the various national regulations and legislation for the funding of research projects. Based on the list of Network Assembly recommendations, the ministries and funding agencies participating in the call finally decided to award funding to three transnational project consortia. As will be seen from the descriptions in the next section, these projects cover a multitude of catalysis-related disciplines and have great potential for innovation and industrial exploitation.

With these projects, CAPITA utilizes M€ 2.2 of the call budget and another k€ 120 of private funding.


The granted projects are listed in alphabetical order of the project acronym:




Valorization of CARbon DIOxide containing industrial streams via non-conventional catalytic systems and SOLarized processes (CARDIOSOL)

Dr George Skevis (Greece)


CO2 and H2O toward methanol synthesis at atmospheric pressure in co-ionic electrochemical membrane reactors (GREEN MEOH)

Assoc. Prof. F. Dorado Fernández (Spain)


WAste bio-feedstocks hydro-Valorisation processes (WAVES)

Dr A. Lappas (Greece)





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